Alex & Tyler – Wedding Day and Bridal Session

One of the pleasures of being a photographer in a small town, is getting to know fellow small business owners, and then getting to take part in their special occasions. I know Alex (the beautiful Bride) because her family (who are a bunch of awesome people) owns one of my favorite places to eat in my little valley. The Inside Scoop restaurant is family run, and they not only have awesome food, but they have awesome customer service too. I love going in there and visiting with all of them!

A couple years ago I photographed Alex’s sisters wedding, and so I was thrilled when she and her fiance’ Tyler asked me to photograph theirs as well. Any time I get to spend with these fun people is a treat!

Alex met Tyler when her family moved into the house across the street from his. They’ve been playmates, and then eventual sweethearts, for quite some time now. Knowing that they’ll take this special bond they share into their marriage makes my heart smile!

Their wedding day was filled with little meaningful moments and details. From the hand crafted album full of letters and photos that her sisters (who are her best friends and matron/maid of honors) surprised her with while helping her get ready, to the locket tied to Alex’s bouquet that held photos of her two grandpas that have passed on. There was no shortness of emotion and love throughout the entire day.

And as if it’s not enough that Tyler gets to marry into such an awesome family, but Alex does too! Tyler’s family is a super fun bunch, and they are so excited to have Alex a part of their family. I loved watching everyone interact and enjoy the day together. Neighbors and friends, and now family. How awesome is that!?

Alex and Tyler, thank you so much for asking me to be your wedding photographer. I hope you always have the kind of love you had on this day, and that you always cherish these photos.

Much love, Rey



Karla – Creative Model Shoot

I got to meet up with this lovely lady this summer for a visit and a little creative model shoot. Karla was on my very first senior model team almost FOUR years ago (man time flies!) and she is still every bit as beautiful and wonderful to photograph. She has an incredible intensity in her eyes, and a look that the camera absolutely soaks up. I can never tire of photographing her.

Karla, thanks for coming to see me, and for “playing around in the studio” with me. I can’t wait to do it again sometime. *hugs* Rey



Ashley & Mackae – Desert Engagements

I’ve known these two for a few years now. Ashley was one of my 2015 senior models and Mackae was her then High School sweetheart. Having married my own high school sweetheart, I have a soft spot for these two. When Ash was a senior, we teased about shooting her future wedding always saying “Call me when it’s time to shoot your wedding”, and well, fast forward a little more than a year and here we are! And she DID ask me to shoot her wedding, and I was so happy she did. Getting to be a part of their special day means a lot to me, and I can’t wait for their wedding in November.

Here’s some of my favorite’s from their engagement session. We did some desert engagements, as well in the green of Ashley’s grandparents yard, which is special to her. You can see how fun and sweet these two are with each other. It makes me smile.

Ashley and Mackae, I can’t wait to photograph you again for your bridal session and wedding. Remember to enjoy the moments leading up to the big day, and to be patient with each other as you put in all that hard work for the wedding day.

Love you both! xoxo



[…] session, and I cried right along Ashley’s momma the day we photographed their first look and bridal session […]


Desert Boho – Casia – A model portfolio

I absolutely love desert shoots. I personally think the desert is beautiful. I love green too, but I’m a desert rat at heart. I lucked out with a perfect evening that wasn’t too unbearably hot to do this session. It’s my last model session with Casia (for a while). I’m sure going to miss spending time with her. But she is on to bigger and better things soon.

I also took some shots of Sage in her cute new black boho dress. Just a few more to add to her senior album. If you want to see those just CLICK HERE and it will take you to the Rey of Light Senior Page. But scroll down and peek at the beautiful Casia before you do that!

Senior season is well underway and I’ve met with several girls this last week. I have my first two senior sessions this week, so be sure to check in over there for my most recent work. Until then, thanks for stopping in, and be well 🙂



Thanksgiving Point Gardens – Casia Model

Here are some of my favorite shots of Casia from our Thanksgiving Point Gardens session. If you haven’t been following along, this summer Casia and I have been working on a little modeling portfolio. She is super great in front of the camera, and such a fun person to be around. I highly recommend her for photography projects, catalog work, etc. I have one more shoot of her to edit (a desert boho shoot) and I can’t wait to share! So check back soon for those!