Autumn & Kirby – Southern NV Wedding Photographer

Oh man, these two… They are SO in love, and so darn sweet to be around. I just had the pleasure of photographing their wedding, but until I have a chance to edit their images, I will tie us over with some faves from their first look and bridal session.

We drove up to a friend’s property in Alamo so we could have a more rustic backdrop. It was an especially overcast day, and for a bit I was worried we would be rained out. But the rain stayed at bay and we were able to not only shoot a bit out in the open, but we also got an awesome sunset at the end of their session!

I love the way these two look at each other, and how they laugh together, which in my opinion is the key to a long and happy marriage. These two, with the way they make each other laugh, are gonna be great together.

I’ve started dabbling in a little video lately, and what I mean by dabbling, is that I’ve now put my camera into video mode a total of four times ha! I wanted to practice some more, and so I shot a little video for these two during their portrait session. I’ll say first, shooting still images and video simultaneously is HARD! Well, at least this first go was! I made SO many mistakes, including not re-checking my focus after I moved the groom for the first look shots. And I have a very unsteady hand when not on a tripod, and when on the tripod my pans are not very smooth…. Oh, and I have no editing software so I’ve strung it together in Lightroom! Like I said, not very good at this yet, but I sure appreciated the practice! I’ll share it with you because, hopefully, the fact that these two are so darn cute will help you overlook my flaws.

And be sure to check back in a couple weeks for their wedding day photos! Man they had a great group of people at the Temple with them, and one of the cutest receptions I’ve seen!


Flowers- The Front Porch Flowers (Sage & Charlene)

Ribbon- Anastasia Marie (Etsy)

Hair- Desirae Zamito

Makeup – Nicole Rider

Gown – David’s Bridal

and the groom made his awesome tie tack!


Wren Family – Southern NV Family Photographer

One of my favorite little family’s is growing! Yipee! And the word is it’s gonna be a boy! I can’t wait to see how this ultra-stylish momma dresses her little boy! Emely is seriously the most chic, beautiful woman, and Chris is the most chill, awesome guy. They are the sweetest parent’s to their little Ms C, and though she is for sure full of lots of spunk and energy, she is a dream to photograph. All of the poses you see, including the tummy hugs, was her idea! She will do something awesome and I’ll tell her “do that again”! haha! They’ve GOT to get that little girl into modeling!

We had LOTS of crazy wind this day, the desert can be unpredictable with wind, but they still looked amazing as always, especially with Emely’s fabulous outfits and ideas. I can’t wait to photograph little baby boy in late February (he’s due the day after my birthday, how cool is that!?) But until then, here’s some favorites from their Christmas mini session this year!

Chris & Em, thanks so much for making me your family photographer, I just love you guys!

*hugs* Rey


Campbell Family – Southern NV Family Photographer

The dad of this beautiful family is an old co-worker and a wonderful friend. He’s one of the most genuinely kind and great men I know. His love for his family is always first, and he beams with pride every time he talks about his wife and kids. He’s raising some awesome kids too, polite, sweet, and loving with each other. It’s a perfect joy to be around this amazing family. My face literally hurt from smiling while I was editing these. Each of these cute little faces lighting up my screen, especially our little super model giving me all the good poses haha!

Campbell family, you guys are so wonderful, and I’m grateful I know you. I hope you are always this close and loving with each other throughout your lives, your hearts are truly inspiring.
*hugs* Rey


Lee Family – Southern NV Family Photographer

These three kids are some of my FAVES to photograph. They are so darn adorable, and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing them and their beautiful parent’s for several years now. I have some amazing clients that keep coming back and it makes my heart swell! There isn’t anything better in my photography career than watching the progression of life year by year of a person, let alone a whole family. Watching little personalities develop and shine, and seeing what new hobbies and interests they find in themselves each year is so much fun to catch up on. The parent’s of these three are so loving and encouraging it’s no wonder at all that these kids are so darn awesome. Thank you Lee family for letting me capture your photos again this year, I hope have an awesome year until the next time!

*hugs* Rey