Autumn & Kirby – Las Vegas Temple Wedding

These two are dear to my heart. I photographed both Autumn and Kirby as High School Seniors a few years back, and now as husband and wife. Watching people grow up always tugs at my heart strings. I photographed their Bridal Portraits a few weeks ahead of their wedding day, you can see those here.

Their wedding day was beautiful, and their reception was super fun. They had a huge turnout, and the venue was packed. Everyone enjoyed hot chocolate with all the extras as well as a super awesome donut wall. It looked every bit as elegant as it did delicious. There were so many cute decorations everywhere, not a detail spared. One of my favorite things was a photo wall, where they hung wedding photos of the different generations of grandparents, greats, and probably even some great greats. It was pretty amazing to see how far back the love went.

After the traditional father/daughter, mother/son, and Bride/Groom dances, the guests boogied it up on the dance floor. I always love watching this family on the dance floor. They know how get down! When it was time to cut cake, they counted out a jar of money where people voted who would get the cake smashed in their face by making a monetary vote/donation in the jars labeled “Bride” or “Groom”. The Groom won (or should I say lost) and so he got cake in the face. It was a pretty cute way to handle the cake cutting!

After a little more dancing, and the bouquet toss, it was time for a sparkler sendoff. Everyone cheered as they left the building to their heavily decorated truck. (It took a couple good minutes to get enough balloons out to make room for them haha). As they drove away I boobed like a baby as always. It’s not the end of celebration, it’s the beginning of a whole new life for these two awesome people. And I have feeling it’s going to truly be a great one.

Autumn & Kirby, I wish you the best. May you always look at each other as you did tonight. May you have patience and tenderness toward each other on the days that are less than great. May you add to that wonderful long line of love displayed at your reception. May you enjoy being the next generation of Mr & Mrs May. Love you both. *Rey*


Florals- The incredible crew at The Front Porch Flowers & Gifts

Hair – Desirae Zamito (The Hair District)

Reception Decor – Charlene Udall, Jenna Hull, Katie Eastman (The Front Porch Flowers)

Cake – Kathy Udall

Hot Chocolate Bar – Jennifer Totten

Donuts – Angelo (Lins)

Vinyl lettering on Truck – Shannon Zobrist

DJ Services – Spencer Siteine

Venue – Old Overton Gym


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