Annie’s Family – Southern NV Family Session

The momma of this family is my sweet, and amazingly talented friend Annie, and her oldest daughter is my youngest daughter’s friend, and I’ve loved watching this family grow from babies to little people, and now even a smart and sassy teenager. Beautiful and sweet,  these folks are REAL, and with that comes honest goodness. I’ve found a friend in Annie that I needed at a crucial point in my life. Annie has a depth about her that goes beyond a smile and a “how are you?”, it’s more of a hand on my shoulder, look me in the eyes, and a “REALLY, how ARE you?” She doesn’t deliver her love in a syrup bottle, it’s quite raw and messy, as she is the kind of person that understands life is really such a way, raw and messy. And though Annie knows that life is not perfect, she is the kind of person that finds the beauty in that imperfection, and has managed to help me embrace it in my own life. She is also what I call a “woman warrior” (I’m blessed to have several of these amazing women in my life) and I’m super proud of all her hard work and determination this year as she busted her bum to fulfilled her long time dream of opening her own dance studio!

Annie, I adore you, and your family is such a wonderful, kind bunch of cuties. Thank you so much for your friendship and for spoiling me with your beautiful yard!

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